Making Gummy Dinosaurs at Home - Mint Sleepy Time Tea

So I decided to try making some sleepy time tea gummy dinosaurs with our Gummysaurus dino molds.

We started with brewing a cup of mint sleepy time tea.  We used two tea bags for this and let it seep for 20 minutes.  We then added a heaping tablespoon of honey and stirred it very well.  Then let the tea cool.

We slowly added 3 packets of Gelatin while stirring in a mason jar.  Then heated the mixture in a pan of water.  Let it get hot, but not boil.

We then used our Gummysaurus mold and included dropper to add the liquid to the molds make the Dinosaur shaped gummy bears.

Let cool on the counter until they are not runny.  We then finish off in the in fridge.  Pop the gummies out and enjoy.


We like this recipe, but the tea taste is very subtle.  We would experiment with doubling or tripling the tea bags and honey.  Overall the kids still loved them.

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